Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Space and Time [2011 Comic Relief Special]

[2011, Season 32/Series 6]

... did Stephen Moffat seriously devote an entire seven-minute short to how hot Amy is?

Honestly, I think he stuffed more sex jokes into seven minutes than The Romans entire running length, and that was pretty much a 90-minute sex farce.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  It's just odd and unexpected.  Which I guess makes it very Who.

So, due to a complicated series of events regarding Amy's hotness that will not be recounted here, the TARDIS materialises inside itself.  The Doctor believes that they will never be able to leave the TARDIS, nor will anything be able to enter.  Then a second Amy, the Amy from the future, enters the TARDIS.  Things get complicated.

Oh, and then Amy starts flirting with herself.

DOCTOR: "True love, at last."
 As you'd expect from Moffat, the dialogue is hilarious and the ideas mind-boggling and ridiculous in a totally wonderful way.  It's seven minutes of pure whimsy and joy.  Given that its story is a total throwaway, it isn't as cool as the previous shorts, but it's just as rewatchable.


* * *


  • Rory should totally keep the goggles.

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