Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Vision of the Future

So, I should be running my review of In the Forests of the Night on Thursday (probably late Thursday), and I'll do the two-part finale sometime this weekend. I'll hold off on a season review until after The Last Christmas, since that looks like it's going to pick up a lot of loose threads.

So, starting next week, I'm going to work on the William Hartnell era. I've already covered An Unearthly Child through The Dalek Invasion of Earth, so between now and February (with a quick detour when the Christmas special comes out), I'll be covering the series from The Rescue through The Tenth Planet.

But I'm also going to cover some of the non-televised adventures. I'll cover both the Peter Cushing movies, as well as David Whitaker's novelization of The Daleks. From the Virgin Missing Adventures, I'll do Venusian Lullaby, The Plotters, and The Man in the Velvet Mask. From BBC Books, I'm currently planning to do Byzantium, The Eleventh Tiger, and Bunker Soldiers. And from Big Finish, I'll cover Home Truths, The Drowned World, and Guardian of the Galaxy.

I haven't quite decided yet whether to do those in the order they fit in (i.e., The Plotters between The Space Museum and The Chase), or to gather them at the end of each season, to better show how they comment on the season. For example, Venusian Lullaby takes place between The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Rescue, but in many ways it's commenting on The Rescue and The Web Planet, so it might make sense to talk about it after covering both of those.

I'm also open to covering other novels or audio adventures from that time period; the only one listed above that I've actually read is Venusian Lullaby, so my choices were someone idiosyncratic. If there's a reason I should look at something else or a particular favorite, I'd welcome any suggestions.

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